Marko is a scientific researcher (PhD in Physics, University of Twente, NL), with experience in graphene and other nanomaterials. He is the owner of Graphene Tracker, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Physics in Belgrade, blogger and online content manager for Graphenea, co-founder of 2D Atomic Crystals (, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Graphene Stakeholders Association.

Twitter: @graphenetracker

  • Karl B. Hensel

    It is very difficult to tell who owns what when it comes to graphene. The patents are written in such broad terms that an algorithm has been set up to actually include every known compound, synthetic and every member of the periodic table to systematically include them in their patent applications. This is a problem. I believe more time is going to be wasted in court over products ownership that you will not actually see the products on the market for years after their creation. That is upsetting to me as I share your enthusiasm regarding graphene. You definitely have me at a disadvantage as to your formal education in the field.

    • MarkoSpasenovic

      Hi Karl,

      There is no evidence that the graphene patent field is more “polluted” than other patent fields. I am convinced that products will make it to the market before we see any significant graphene patent court cases, as was the case with all other technologies.