Marko is a scientific researcher (PhD in Physics, University of Twente, NL), with experience in graphene and other nanomaterials. He is the owner of Graphene Tracker, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Physics in Belgrade, blogger and online content manager for Graphenea, co-founder of 2D Atomic Crystals (, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Graphene Stakeholders Association.

Twitter: @graphenetracker

  • mick

    what happened to George Osbournes promise, “Graphene is a british invention, it will remain british,and solely produced in britain* I think the most recent news reports are showing british patents 41, Korea 336, rest of the world ,hundreds. This is a repeat of North Sea oil,britain will get nothing but massive debt from Graphene. Our next bonanza “Shale Gas” will also be gifted to the good old U S A. God save the queen.

    • MarkoSpasenovic

      There was quite some discussion on this topic around the beginning of the year (see for example The UK has also now invested in the Graphene Center at Manchester University. Let’s see how this pans out, but it is true that they’re off to a slow start. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to be part of the culture to produce good research results and then not follow up with business incentives.

  • Shawn Kearney

    Graphene not only will, succeed, it must. Humanity has a responsibility to ensure it’s success as a viable material, else we will find ourselves unable to succeed.

    • Leave Science to Scientists.

      Blind confidence in Graphene shouldn’t be your approach, this kind of nativity from Investors has long ailed the scientific world.. Makes me sick.

    • DrGonzo89

      Let’s say one is concerned about the environmental impact of graphene (this is purely for discussion purposes)… Since mass commercialization of graphene is inevitable and it’s a derivative of graphite which requires a significant(ish) amount of mining, will this call the attention of environmentally sensitive folks? I personally think it will reduce the overall carbon footprint in the long run, but I don’t have the data to back that up.

  • LoreeKitson5

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