Marko is a scientific researcher (PhD in Physics, University of Twente, NL), with experience in graphene and other nanomaterials. He is the owner of Graphene Tracker, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Physics in Belgrade, blogger and online content manager for Graphenea, co-founder of 2D Atomic Crystals (, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Graphene Stakeholders Association.

Twitter: @graphenetracker

  • Kalab Hayes Wood

    I am an artist opening a makerspace in Phoenix, Arizona and am very interested in learning how to make a graphene mesh to demonstrate to the public how this material could be used to desalinate water. Ideally in the makerspace I want to run vertical gardens with fresh water, and I believe I could really demonstrate the vast potential of this material. Thank You. 🙂

    • MarkoSpasenovic

      Well, the mesh described in the article above would be too small for your idea. I’m guessing you want to make a graphene-like mesh, with some kind of net that has the structure of graphene, but on a macroscopic scale. It would be nice to see that, once you’re done please send a picture. If you need some information let me know.

  • Kalab Hayes Wood

    I have found some videos on youtube showing how to make graphene inks, and also how to make grahene capacitors, but if you have any information on links or people to contact that would be great. 🙂