Graphene Commercialization and Applications Summit USA

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Graphene’s incredible properties have potentially game-changing implications across an enormous range of industries and applications; the possibilities for which are expanding dramatically since its discovery in a Manchester laboratory 9 years ago.

Despite the opportunity, the absence of production scale-up has failed to pull graphene out of research and into mass market, leaving many to ask: how can the critical challenges and adoption barriers be overcome to enable graphene’s commercialization?

The past decade of development has demonstrated a clear need for research and industry to collaborate towards the development of large-scale graphene production for device integration into industries including consumer electronics, aerospace and automotive. However, this is just one challenge of many in the pursuit of commercially viable graphene based products, with other fundamental questions including:

  • What is the commercial roadmap for graphene – what is possible now and what is the timescale for future opportunities?
  • What are the remaining roadblocks and technical barriers for the most promising immediate applications?
  • When will there be mass fabrication of large scale defect free graphene?
  • How does graphene’s performance compare to pre-existing & 2D nanomaterials for current applications?

Graphene Commercialization & Applications 2013 is now coming to San Mateo on December 10-11 and is the first congress bringing together speakers from companies actively pursuing graphene integration, with leading research experts and pioneering academics to assess graphene’s potential through the lens of its applications. The congress will evaluate commercial opportunities to drive this breakthrough material through the scale up of production by addressing technical hurdles in application development, examining material properties and revealing cutting edge scientific breakthroughs shedding light on the feasibility and timeline of mass application.

This unique summit will build on the success of the first Graphene Commercialisation & Applications 2013, held in London in June 2013. The congress was a huge success, providing an invaluable opportunity to industry experts and academics looking to gain insights into the opportunities and challenges presented by graphene mass application. It provided the framework for industry, research and academia to collaborate towards making this revolutionary technological development a commercial market reality. It attracted over 150 attendees, from 20 industries and 17 countries with feedback praising the speakers, agenda, focused group and industry presence. Feedback can read by clicking here.

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