Directa Plus to inaugurate its “Graphene Factory”

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Lomazzo, 5 June 2014 –Directa Plus, a technological company with its registered office in the ComoNext Scientific Technological Park in Lomazzo (CO), has been commercialising and using innovative processes to generate nano materials since 2005, and will inaugurate its “Graphene Factory” on 23 June. This new industrial plant not only stands out as being the largest European pristine graphene nanoplatelets production unit based on a patented and granted technology, but was also designed with a modular, repeatable and exportable logic in mind.

The Graphene factory inauguration is a new important step forward on our company’s growth path.– said Giulio Cesareo, President and CEO of Directa Plus. – Over the years, we have developed a technological platform that can produce graphene-based materials in large volumes, paying specific attention to product engineering; all aimed at offering different graphene “degrees” to satisfy the needs of each specific application. The first module to be inaugurated in ComoNext has a production capacity of 30 tons per annum”.

This announcement was made during the launch of the Italian Council for Eco Innovation (Technology and Innovation Observatory for the Green Economy).

The Report, “Italy Cleantech 10, a lens on Innovative SMEs in Italy”, was presented during the event. It was drawn up by Cleantech Group Inc. in collaboration with the Italy Cleantech Network, the Ministry for the Environment and the Italian Trade Agency (ICE). In it Directa Plus is one of the ten leading Italian SMEs to stand out for innovation in the cleantech field.

This prestigious acknowledgement – stressed Richard Youngman, Managing Director Europe/Asia of Cleantech Group Inc.rewards the Directa Plus commitment for having developed a patented, scalable and sustainable production process from an environmental and economic point of view, to generate graphene-based products industrially. In particular, Directa Plus has made this technology concretely applicable in several green industry sectors, thanks to a low cost production process and partnership strategies to industrialise and commercialise it”.

For our company – concluded Cesareoenvironmental safety and sustainability have always been in first place. We believe this is the way to make new technologies usable, and nanotechnologies in particular. So that they benefit those using them, never forgetting future generations. That is why this new plant too has been created and designed applying a “cradle to cradle” philosophy foreseeing zero emissions, zero waste and limited use of fossil energy”.

Directa Plus, founded in 2005 with registered office in Lomazzo (CO) in the ComoNext Technological Park, is a technological company whose goal is to develop, commercialise and use innovative processes to generate nano materials. Directa actually owns 26 granted patents and 17 patents application related to nanomaterials and in particular to graphene based materials (e.g. pristine graphene nanoplatelets)

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