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2D-Tech is a spinoff of the University of Manchester, famous for housing the Nobel prize for graphene. 2D-Tech offers graphene on various substrates, including boron nitride, as well as consultancy services.

Apart from being one of the first UK-based companies to offer graphene, 2D-Tech offers some interesting innovation compared to what’s already on the market. The most obvious difference which promises to set this one apart from the pack is the availability of CVD graphene transferred onto boron nitride. Graphene on boron nitride is usually of better quality than that on other substrates and has been heavily used by research groups around the world in the past year or two. The group of Geim and Novoselov has taken it to another level by producing graphene “sandwiched” between two layers of boron nitride. This type of sandwich offers supreme quality of devices and is on offer from the new store. Another unusual offer is graphene structured into hall bars, which is arguably the most used graphene structure in scientific research.

Apart from material products, the company offers consultancy services, even offering advice on how to set up a graphene lab. There is an emphasis on collaboration with the industry, IP, and sample characterization, for those that can make graphene but lack the means of characterizing it.

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