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Canatu Ltd.

Canatu Ltd.

Although Canatu Ltd., based in Finland, is in the business of innovating new carbon nanomaterials, none of the products contain graphene as most people think of it. The chief material invented and developed by the company is its patented NanoBud, a hybrid of carbon nanotubes and buckyball fullerenes. The nanotubes retain all their wonderful electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties, whereas the fullerenes typically attach to other chemicals to add various functionalities.

Although possible uses of NanoBud seem almost limitless, the company is first focusing on flexible touch sensors. Currently, Canatu Ltd. and its partners are using crowdfunding to raise money for placing a flexible, rollable, wireless keyboard, the Qii, on the market.

NanoBud has the potential to blow all other flexible electronics technologies, including graphene, out of the water, and it could be that it all depends on the time of arrival of the Qii to the market. Canatu Ltd. is definitely one to watch out for, and invest in if you have venture capital.

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