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CrayoNano specializes in semiconductor wires grown on graphene. The company, founded in June 2012, is a spin-off of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The startup was funded by the Norwegian government. In September 2012, the company issued a widely reported on press release, promising a wide range of applications, including solar panels, LEDs, and flexible mobile phones. We are almost certain that this release was a call to investors, even if as part of the release the chief scientist Dr. Weman claimed that IBM and Samsung have shown interest in collaborating with CrayoNano. The product seems to have potential, although some research is still needed before it is shown to work as part of a solar cell or photodiode, for example, and before the costs are brought to acceptable levels for mass production. That being said, given the early stage of CrayoNano, they are probably looking for relatively small investments, which could be attractive to more adventurous investors. The company is also seeking industrial partners.
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  • neodymgans

    What about flinders Res.?

    • MarkoSpasenovic

      I think it’s a good company, however I only list here the ones that have expressed a clear interest in graphene.

  • apd

    what about adnano ?

  • G1000

    What’s your thoughts on Zenyatta?

    • MarkoSpasenovic

      This directory sticks to companies that work with graphene, or have otherwise expressed a clear interest in graphene. That is not yet the case with Zenyatta.

  • Debi

    What are your thoughts about AGIN, American Graphite Technologies, I have a good feeling about them, yes? No?

    • MarkoSpasenovic

      No, I definitely do not have a good feeling about them. The company has shown nothing so far, and I literally mean nothing, except for vague press releases and a website. Refrain from investing in AGIN right now, let’s see if they actually have an idea or an asset or not.

  • Guest

    It is a pump & dump scam. Read the SEC filings. Also, CEO suit be SEC for stock fraud.

    • guest

      Can you provide more details? I could not find SEC filing.

  • homebrew01

    It is a pump & dump scam. Read the SEC filings. Also, CEO sued by SEC for stock fraud.

  • Karl

    Hi mark.
    Great opportunity if they can get the licensing from patent holders. They would be better suited for providing the raw materials as uses like thermal dispersion is not a place they want to go. You probably remember the big suit involving RIM and GTI. GTI won that case much to my surprise. I never could find the settlement amount Blackberry had to pay. Do you know?

  • Steven Vendetti

    what about Graphene Tiger

  • WEH

    what is the company in the Midwest that holds all the patents on graphene

    • MarkoSpasenovic

      You probably mean Angstron Materials. They do hold quite a few patents on graphene nanoplatelets, a specific but commonly used form of graphene.

  • NC

    What about And our shop Could add thic company?

  • tanner

    The product they put out is Horrible and Dangerous, the own 75% of Braille Battery and those are very explosive, I put one one the counter and within 10minutes it blew up just sitting there. Which led to two adults and one toddler going to the ER